Roesch -4- Broward County Sheriff

Bio: I qualified and ran for Broward County Sheriff as a write-in candidate. With 2020 ahead I have plenty of time to prepare for a political position I need to utilize extraneous endeavors, never brought to the general public ever in history before. The majority of my endeavors are the same from last election and I'm still working on getting my main plan I structured to eradicate global poverty in four to six weeks. Reverse Chain Letter It's basically a chain letter, but designed to repeat itself in reverse by eliminating the common pyramid process where the person on top profits down to the last person who gets nothing. Before the first individual whose name is on top can be compensated, the very last individual and what clearly will be the last person to be compensated will have the equivalent opportunity to be computerized/placed on the very top of phase two----what I call The Reverse Chain Letter. If I get this federally regulated I sadly can't participate for conspiracy reasons. But you can. The entire process begins with a deadline. This opens an opportunity for everyone, everywhere to prepare for the moment that will end poverty, improve economics, open employment, create employment; pay off taxes, mortgages, financial aid; e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. The downside to this is fraud, identity theft; criminals benefitting, elderly and handicapped missing out, juveniles, convicts and inflation. There's problems with everything, but if I'm in a political position where highly respected people will listen I will have stronger ammunition than I have now. I'm handicapped. I have no one working with me on this. I've written to the President just to borrow five minutes of his time to sit back and take a look at this. What else is there? There's nothing going to heal the world like this plan will. I'm sick of people in East Timor, Haiti to Cambodia and back dying up to 45,000 daily of disease, famine and dehydration. You want an answer to solve all of this? It's this! Anyway, as sheriff of Broward County I'll still: - enforce microchipping the children; free of charging. - deputize concealed weapon licensed residents, military, law enforcement certified. I feel law abiding citizens should be rewarded. ...and a lot, lot more. That's at least three things I'm giving back to the voters. All you get back from the current sheriff? A handshake. That's not going to look good on a resume. But if interviewed for a career out of state, "Mr. Stephens, I have employees in charge of handling up to a hundred million dollars per day whom I can trust. Why should I hire you? What do you have that they don't have?" "I'm a deputized citizen by the sheriff of Broward County, Florida." Sounds good to me.

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